Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Electric Picnic 09 Glimpse

Oh it was GRRRREAT! & sorry I was having too much fun, and was way to chilled to even think about getting my camera out to take photographs of the wonderful Body & Soul magic mystery tour vibe, Tiny Tea Tent, Dutch outdoor Hot Tubs (! yes hot tubs in the middle of the night!), Fleet Foxes.... and so on... Even the mud was delightful. & what a glorious sunny Monday morning, to wrap it all up in a warm fuzzy EP haze til next year. Our lush tipi was being packed up and sent to Bestival at Isle of Wight for its next stop in the festival roundabout. But the guy dismantling it (see below), assured us that EP is the best festival he knows. Notice how everybody EP's eyes glaze over and a beatific grin creeps over their face when they mention "Body & Soul" - try it and see what I mean...

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