Monday, November 9, 2009

The amazing Julia Judge in Film Ireland

How lovely to be reminded of my good pal from Rockaway, NY, Julia Judge, by her friend Pat Schneider who's in Dublin for a visit. I brought Pat for a glorious November stroll on Dunlaoghaire Pier, watching the glistening changing light on the water, the sailboats, and Howth head way across Dublin bay yesterday. As we were walking back in, one of those cute little sailboats we were admiring must have got performance anxiety or something, lost the run of itself, flapped. and crashed into the pier. (!) A crowd gathered. I tried to think of advice (take down the spinnaker? trim the sails?), but luckily the two young guys had pushed off again before I had to utter. They seemed oblivious to the round of applause they got from the assemblage of Sunday strollers. I was glad it wasn't me in the boat! On the way back into the big city, we dropped into the amazing box in the docks, and perused Wunderkammer of Curiosities. More water glistening, and Boland's Mills. We wandered through Martha Schwartz's Disco dancing light sticks, ogled Daniel Libeskind's Grand Canal Theatre, and then Pat offered that Santiago Calatrava's new Samuel Beckett Bridge was like a harp, piano strings, or, um, yes - a wishbone. Yeah! It's pretty nice, and now that you mention it Pat, rather poetic. What can I say, my neighbourhood is shaping up alright...

Here is the interview I did with Julia for Film Ireland, many moons ago (who's counting?! Certainly not me!). Julia is a film fiend, who has produced films, run film festivals, and worked as assistant to the one and only Marty Scorsese for many of his masterpieces. Julia took me for a stroll that day, a little while back, around that fountain at Lincoln Center Theatre (where she works), just like in The Producers. (Sorry this is an old photocopy with some of the edges shaved off, but you can get the gist of it):

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Marie said...

Deirdre, your life is full of so many fascinating coincidences!Keep the posts coming :-) I must say, I've been calling that bridge the harp bridge since the beginning, because I didn't know it was being named for Samuel Beckett. Poor Sam, they are going to have to build something else for him!