Thursday, May 20, 2010

1st Dublin Dance Festival Fringe Event - today at Oonagh Young Gallery

May 21st has arrived! Yeats' Forgotten Dancers is happening today. I'm happy to relate that Percy Lovegrove himself kindly sponsored 30 fold-up chairs - without even being asked. He rang me a couple of days ago saying "you mentioned chairs a couple of times, so I have booked 30 chairs from - they'll be delivered to the gallery on Friday". Imagine! What an angel. Well I suppose Doreen, his late wife, who is the star of "Yeats' Forgotten Dancers" would like visitors to have a seat. Especially Victor Wynburne's son and daughter, who are coming over from London for the event. So that's it - thanks to the wonderful Adam Fitzsimons the projector is up, (had to go and get a longer AV cable from Maplin, will hook that up this morning), some bottles of wine are in, thanks to "Anonymous", and now all I have to do is think about what we are going to talk about in our public conversation...
I guess this is the First Dublin Dance Festival Fringe event?

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