Friday, December 3, 2010

RTE Nationwide Report by Valerie Waters

Valerie Waters did a great report on my research and projects for RTE Nationwide, broadcast on December 1st. She ingeniously weaved in original Abbey Ballets (1927 - 1933) dancer Doreen Cuthbert; her husband Percy Lovegrove and his book "An Auld Cockle Picker"; Liam O'Laoghaire's 1943 short film "Dance School" featuring Erina Brady and her "Irish School of Dance Art"; Piano music by Faure; my book "Irish Moves"; sculptor Danny Osborne on a boat in Frobisher Bay, the Canadian Arctic with his tragically recently deceased friend Seeglook Akeeagok (who was born in an igloo); Danny's recent Iqaluit show "Red Hot Lava Sculpture"; my father's photographs of Mulrooney family life on isolated First Nations Reservations Cat Lake and Ogoki Post in North Ontario in the 1970's; Kyrstin Leahy's photographs of new band of Contemporary Dancers turned quirky rock stars "You Can Call Me Frances"; & myself and Angel Gonzalez (founder of Photoireland Festival), working on new online cultural magazine - to be launched on December 9th. Watch this space. Phew! All in seven and a half minutes! Hats off and enormous thanks to Valerie. You can watch the clip on RTE Realplayer right here.

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