Sunday, January 15, 2012

My chat with Jonathan McCrea of Newstalk on TCD's Malawi Thermo-Electric Generator Project

I had a great chat with Jonathan McCrea of Newstalk's "Futureproof" science show about the TCD Malawi Thermo-Electric  Generator Pilot project last week.  You can have a listen here:

  Futureproof, Newstalk - Jonathan McCrea interviews DMulrooney on TCD Thermo-Electric Generator by Deirdre Anne Mulrooney

For some more background on what the TCD M-Power Stove Project is all about, watch this video, which was made to be screened at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, in September 2011: 

My December 2011 trip to Malawi was kindly supported by the Simon Cumbers Media Fund.

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Unknown said...

great project Deidre, hopefully we will be able to follow the progress as the improvements are implemented. thankyou for sharing with us. Celia, calgary, canada