Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tune your wireless to Newstalk for "Irish Monsoon Wedding"

Irish Monsoon Wedding: Radio Documentary Newstalk 106-108FM, Feb 26th

In this heart-warming love story, The East meets the West, The Sea meets the Hills, and Darjeeling harmonises with the Cork lilt as Eileen and Brendan O’Brien make the long and arduous trip from Cork to the foothills of the Himalayas to give their only daughter Emma away in an elaborate Nepali wedding ritual involving destiny, and many bottles of whiskey… Irish Monsoon Wedding tells what has once again become an archetypal Irish story - of parents coming to terms with the loss of their children to foreign shores, or, in this case, to a far-off mountain-top above the clouds in India.  Bittersweet tears are balanced by the joy of a colourful, intercultural wedding celebration complete with intricate Nepali rituals. This exotic tale unravels against a backdrop of Edith Wilkins’ wonderful Centre for Street Children, and Fair Trade Organic Darjeeling Tea, available for sale here in Dublin and Cork.  Tune in for a monsoon of tears, of singing, of laughter and of course that essential ingredient for any love story - true love.

9am, Sunday February 26th, on Newstalk 106 – 108FM
A Deirdre Mulrooney Production
Sound Supervision by John Davis

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