Thursday, August 9, 2012

Listen again to Doreen: Telling the Dancer from the Dance

Doreen: Telling the Dancer form the Dance was broadcast again on RTE Lyric FM last month - if you missed it you can catch the podcast here:   - about 4th down on the page

Doreen: Telling the Dancer from the Dance - Friday 13th July

In 1927 W.B Yeats founded the Abbey Theatre Ballets with Ninette de Valois, the Irish woman who would go on to create the Royal British Ballet. The school is a largely forgotten movement of huge cultural import to Ireland. It has been neglected by history books and omitted from Yeatsian narratives. This programme sheds new light on Yeats' prophetic vision for dance and features a rare interview with the late Doreen Cuthbert, who danced in the Abbey Theatre Ballets from its inception in 1927 until its demise in 1933.

Contributors include Yeats' biographer Roy Foster, Professor Richard Allen Cave, author of 'Collaborations: Ninette de Valois, W.B Yeats", Professor J.W Flannery, author of "W.B Yeats and the idea of a theatre", and Percy Lovegrove, Doreen Cuthbert's husband. The documentary reclaims this lost cultural history and in doing so tells the dancer from the dance.

A Deirdre Mulrooney Production for RTÉ lyric fm.

Sound Supervision by John Davis. Narration by Pat Laffan.
The programme was made with the support of the Broadcast Authority of Ireland's Sound and Vision Broadcasting Funding Scheme. Additional support from the Arts Council of Ireland.

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