Friday, April 10, 2015

Erina Brady immortalised, and recognised, in Tanz Magazin this month

My contributor copy of this month's Tanz Magazin just arrived in the post! I'm thrilled to see Erina Brady getting (long overdue) recognition for her overlooked contribution to Irish cultural history in this month's edition of this important publication! There is the mighty Olwen Fouere as Erina Brady between takes in CoisCeim Dance Studio where we re-created and shot the 1940s Boho Dublin "Bottle and Pyjama Party" scene, choreographed by Jessica Kennedy of Junk Ensemble.  Taking their twirl as 1940s Bohemians on the set of this imagined Bottle & Pyjama Party we have Liadain Herriott Gary Farrelly Helen McNulty Megan Kennedy Marc Brady and Dragana Jurisic (Dragana also took the on-set photographs). The lovely photo of Erina and her dog Scamp in her Brione hammock in the 1950s is taken by the great Walter Kuhn (original dancer with the Ballets Jooss, and husband to Ireland's first modern dancer, the late June Kuhn).  Tanz Magazin published an adaptation of my script for Dance Emergency, translated into German by Marc Staudacher.  The English text is available at


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