Saturday, May 30, 2015

"Come Dance with Me" at the Art Park

Celebrating our overlooked dance legacy, I co-curated this projection “Come Dance with Me” at the Art Park – Ireland’s largest outdoor screen, at Spencer Dock, behind Conference Centre Dublin – on the occasion of Liz Roche Company’s “Bastard Amber”, the first ever commissioned Irish contemporary dance piece for the Abbey Theatre main stage, which premiered as part of Dublin Dance Festival 2015.  Here it is on vimeo, if you haven’t been able to catch it from the Luas yet:

It’s running from 10pm – 1am daily until the middle of June.

I was also on Arts Tonight with Vincent Woods earlier this month, interviewing choreographer Liz Roche, and composer Ray Harman (during their rehearsals at Dance House), about their contributions to “Bastard Amber” at the Abbey Theatre as part of the Dublin Dance Festival (May 19th – 30th).  The fact that it’s the first commissioned Irish Contemporary Dance piece on the Abbey theatre main stage got us talking about WB Yeats, Ninette de Valois, and the shortlived (1927 – 1933) Abbey Theatre Ballets; as well as "Come Dance with Me", celebrating our considerable (but often overlooked), dance legacy at The Art Park.  This also led to the mention of an anecdote the late Saoi of Aosdana Patrick Scott related to me of his young 19 year-old self’s auspicious chance encounter with the Ballets Jooss and their epic anti-war ballet “The Green Table” in Dublin at the outbreak of World War Two. 

So we can only imagine he would be delighted with his influence on Liz Roche’s contemporary dance show at the Abbey.

In case this and the Dublin Dance Festival is of interest, you can listen back to the full programme here:!rii=9:10415652:1538:11-05-2015:

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