Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pick of the Week: Positive Dead People

My pick of the week is this two-hander "Positive Dead People" by Pauline Shanahan, and featuring herself and Clodagh O'Donoghue, directed by my old pal and collaborator Paul Meade, at Bewely's Cafe theatre. It's great fun and perfect for that charming space, all to be imbibed with a bit of grub on the side. It's a sort of Huis Clos meets Heaven Can Wait meets The Wedding Planner. Runs until March 14th, at 1pm. Tickets €15 including lunch.

& by the way, I don't agree with Peter Crawley's review of Marina Carr's "Marble" in today's paper. No, not at all. I think men often have difficulty getting Marina Carr's plays.

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