Monday, June 22, 2009

Sir Bob, The Slovenian Ambassador, his Wife and WB Yeats at the NLI

How lovely on Friday evening to run into Franc Miksa, and his wife Amalija
at the National Library of Ireland on Kildare Street where Bob Geldof, no less, was
escorting us through a personal selection of Yeats's poetry, telling us what it meant
to him, and how like song lyrics some of it was. Franc and Amalija's going away do is
on tomorrow, as sadly their time is up in Dublin. Amalija is starting back as a reporter
on Slovenian TV from August 3rd! Franc has written a massive tome on Irish literature
during his time here. They asked me to get a pic of them with Bob, and of course I was
happy to do that, introducing them rather grandly. I just forgot to say hello or get one
with myself!

I caught Marina Carr at lunchtime reading from "Marble", "The Giant Blue Hand", and talking a bit about WB Yeats. This is a wonderful, free, series of talks, "Summer Wreaths" - hope to
catch a few more of them if I can find the time...

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