Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Experimental Podcast from Sweny's Chemist, Lincoln Place on Joyce's BIrthday

Today, February 2nd is James Joyce's 128th birthday, and Sweny's Chemist on Lincoln Place are running a special event to celebrate. I called in to Sweny's for a chat with Brendan Kilty, and happened upon a story from Niamh O'Farrell in the Storytelling snug, and a song by Noel O'Grady, in the Swindow. It's a friendly, welcoming place of "spontaneity and serendipity" as you can see by the fact that my book Irish Moves ended up in the Swindow, basking in the reflected light of Westland Row - "Canyon of Culture", as Brendan Kilty calls it... Listen here (or just copy & paste into your browser):
to story, song, dreams, and Happy Birthday James Joyce (well, he's dead obviously, but seen as he wrote "The Dead" no harm in marking his birthday with a podcast, I figure)...

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