Monday, July 5, 2010

"Helpless". Audio & then (separate), Visual of "Ogoki: Call of the Wild". Part One.

First of all, after a day immersed in iphoto, idvd, imovie, garage band, protools mbox, quicktime, iweb, youtube, and - there has got to be more, my head is fairly addled now - here is a link to my latest, painstakingly-made podcast! It is the audio to accompany my four-minute youtube slideshow - from which youtube removed the audio, believe it or not, because of a fleeting snippet of Neil Young's "Helpless". (Is that ironic?) I'm sure Neil Young would be delighted for his lyrics to accompany the open-source story of Ogoki Post, and Charlie Wenjack, way up in North Ontario (wouldn't you, Neil? I just don't have your personal email address - see? You can contact me here and I'd love to hear from you;).

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