Monday, July 19, 2010

St. Cleran's Luck.

It's dawn, I'm packing my bag to go to Galway Arts Festival, and St. Cleran's is on my mind. I recently had the good luck to run into Anjelica Huston (yes, Morticia herself), at the opening of "Bookworms" at the Abbey, and we had a nostalgic chat about St. Cleran's, where she grew up outside Galway. Then there was a great documentary about St. Cleran's, the Huston's, and the making of "The Dead" on RTE lately. So I was curious to dust off this feature I wrote a long time ago, when I stayed there during its Merv Griffin incarnation, and read "The Hustons" by Lawrence Grobel. Hm can't figure out how to get page 2 of the PDF up here as a jpg right now, but will get back to it... Watch this space... In the meantime - rachaidh go Gaillimh.