Saturday, October 16, 2010

My 2nd Home The Lincoln Center & its new Illumination Lawn etc.

Ambling around the Upper West Side on another October day, it was nice to see the Lincoln Center Fountain in action again. Also - there were changes and even a new "Illumination Lawn" to be laid on, in the hot October sun (yes, you read that right - hot October sun). I spotted and snuck a photograph of one specimen who I felt embodied the relaxation ethos of this new space - a man kicking back on a free chair, reading his paper. When I showed this exemplary image to my friend Julia Judge later on she declared "John McMartin - that 's John Mc Martin!". He was more than likely on a 2 hour break from rehearsals for John Guare's new play "A Free Man of Color" - currently in rehearsal. Well, it's a small world, even in random New York city. & when I say that Lincoln Center Theater feels like a second home, I earned that when I was lucky enough to partake in their wonderful Director's Lab, run by Anne Cattaneo. Apart from Wuppertaler Buhnen, it is the one theatre in the world where I am more familiar with the backstage area than the foyer. Lucky me, and nice to be reminded of it.

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