Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Journey to YU (in the footsteps of Rebecca West)" Help us on our Kickstarter Campaign to make radio doc/ audio slideshow

Launched first ever kickstarter campaign on December 1st to make audio slideshow/ radio documentary on photographer Dragana Jurisic's photographic pilgrimage in the footsteps of Rebecca West's 1930s epic travelogue to her former homeland - Yugoslavia "Black Lamb and Grey Falcon". 


We had fun making the extremely lo-fi pitch video overlooking East Essex Street in Temple Bar last Saturday, despite the fact that I am struck down with an awful cold!  I am currently making my way through West's 1,100 page "sort of metaphysical Lonely Planet" for former Yugoslavia, have left Croatia and am currently in Dalmatia (have to go visit there!).  Talk about a sea of stories!  Dying to learn more about former Yugoslavia, and explore it through a myriad of expert voices including Dragana's herself in making this documentary.  Please help us make that happen!  There are loads of great rewards, including a really good value limited edition print from an up and coming art star.  Seriously, I am well known to have an excellent eye for talent so trust me.  And if you don't, trust all the awards she has garnered, and shows she has had lately.  A great investment!  Dragana's prints were selling for €2,000 at her recent RHA show "YU: The Lost Country", on which this documentary is based, and we have a special limited edition print from the series for €250, including a few other goodies.  So do a good deed, be a kind micro-philanthropist and let us help you fill your Christmas stocking in an uber-cultured way!  :-)

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