Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dropped in on a Blessington Lakeshore Bootcamp...

Well - bootcamp is an interesting way to kick off the New Year. I dropped in on Laura Gibson of "Fix My Body"s inaugural bootcamp at Avonri Hotel on Blessington Lake. Interesting! Tons of good food (no deprivation here - except maybe for coffee, oh yes, and egg yolks). A 7.30am a pre-breakfast gym session followed by breakfast. Another circuit session in the gym, followed by a great big walk by the lakes. That was nice. Juice, recipes, lunch, pilates, "ball-work" for the abs... Dinner, nutrition-talk, and then, alas, I had to split. Everyone (mostly trying to lose weight) will re-unite in 6 weeks time to check in on how they got on, loaded up with advice and good example. For more info check out:

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