Thursday, January 29, 2009

Abbey School of Ballet Salvage

Here are some wonderful, rare, and never-before-seen (well, in recent history anyway) images to help us reclaim, and salvage the lost and neglected history of the Abbey School of Ballet, founded by Ninette de Valois and WB Yeats (1927 - 1933), in Dublin's Abbey Theatre. That's our national theatre. I discovered these images, 'gold-dust', through my long and extensive research in the area, and specifically through my book "Irish Moves - an illustrated history of dance and physical theatre in Ireland". I am really excited at the prospect of sharing them with a wider public, and raising awareness of our considerable dance legacy with an exhibition of them, and other Abbey School of Ballet memorabilia. If you know of any likely sponsors or avenues for funding such a celebration of our considerable cultural heritage - I am all ears. Please let me know! This would be a great project to be associated with as patron. The proposed exhibition will be in tandem with a broadcast of a fantastic interview with Doreen Cuthbert (pictured in many of the adjacent photographs, and starring in many of the Abbey School of Ballet shows, 1928 - 1933). Her first-hand reminiscences of her time with WB Yeats, Ninette de Valois, and Lennox Robinson - to name but a few, are heart-warming, enlightening, and extremely historic. Let's celebrate, and hence build upon what is already ours - our considerable cultural heritage. Your thoughts and suggestions on this great project are most welcome.

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foodseeker said...

These photographs are in incredible record of the history of dance in Ireland when our new nation was so young. So infuriating that this creativity was lost for so long and didn't develop parallel with the National Theatre. It is an inspiration but also a warning for us - the current dancemakers - keep the momentum in dance now so we don't disappear from the cultural life of our emerald isle - particularly in these tough times- John Scott