Sunday, May 23, 2010

Many Bodies of Contemporary Dance Symposium @ Dance House, May 19th

"The Many Bodies of Contemporary Dance" contributors were,, (Caroline Bowditch), (John Scott), Cindy Cummings, and Mary Kate Connolly. Continue the conversation at The above preview was in the Sunday Business Post. Transcription of symposium proceedings to appear online soon - watch this space...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Remembering Yeats' Forgotten Dancers @ Oonagh Young Gallery, May 21st

Thanks to Anna Berndston ( & Ann Curran for spontaneously jumping in to take photographs, & massive thanks to all contributors.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

1st Dublin Dance Festival Fringe Event - today at Oonagh Young Gallery

May 21st has arrived! Yeats' Forgotten Dancers is happening today. I'm happy to relate that Percy Lovegrove himself kindly sponsored 30 fold-up chairs - without even being asked. He rang me a couple of days ago saying "you mentioned chairs a couple of times, so I have booked 30 chairs from - they'll be delivered to the gallery on Friday". Imagine! What an angel. Well I suppose Doreen, his late wife, who is the star of "Yeats' Forgotten Dancers" would like visitors to have a seat. Especially Victor Wynburne's son and daughter, who are coming over from London for the event. So that's it - thanks to the wonderful Adam Fitzsimons the projector is up, (had to go and get a longer AV cable from Maplin, will hook that up this morning), some bottles of wine are in, thanks to "Anonymous", and now all I have to do is think about what we are going to talk about in our public conversation...
I guess this is the First Dublin Dance Festival Fringe event?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yeats's Forgotten Dancers at Oonagh Young Gallery, May 21st

The Logistics:

I'm delighted now that Dublin Dance Festival are very extremely kindly (can't use enough superlatives here), and most usefully going to send a technical genius dude - Adam Fitzsimons - to help us hang the projector for this day-long event in which we'll be projecting a half hour ghostly loop of lost Yeatsian sounds and images... Hanging a projector from the ceiling of the gallery is no small feat. Thanks in advance to Mr. Murphy & his team!

And afterwards, John Singleton, who runs the Ulysses readings at Sweny's Joycean Chemist, on Lincoln Place is going to help us take down the projector, Joyce's Lemon Soap helping Yeatsian bodies come to light - that sounds like another perfect synergy to me. Really looking forward to it now...
Now all we need is a wine sponsor. We're working on it. (Got a generous sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous on May 17th - thanks anonymous!). Oh and chairs... Do we really need chairs though, i wonder?