Saturday, March 6, 2010

Interview with Oscar-nominee Kathleen O'Rourke aka Granny O'Grimm

A year ago I did John Boyne's short story writing course at the Irish Writer's Centre on Parnell Square. Afterwards, a few of us in the class decided to keep up a writer's group, and started to meet sporadically in Toddy's Bar at the Gresham (John's bar of choice). One day the conversation came around to what people did for their day-job, and Kathleen O'Rourke, one of us, declared she was on a career break from teaching to give her character, Granny O'Grimm a chance. Granny O'Grimm? Of course we had never heard of the old dear. When I looked her up on, I immediatedly fell (around the place laughing) for her cynical world view and black humour. A soul sister! Next thing we knew, Granny was shortlisted for an Oscar nomination. Then the little old charmer was nominated for an Oscar. She was very disappointed to have to miss our writer's group meeting on February 15th, as it clashed with the Oscar nominee lunch in LA. OK, OK, we could do a raincheck. (Plus, her dreams were coming true, which, if you know Granny, you'll know would be very difficult for her to deal with. Life's not meant to behave like that in Granny-world!). Kathleen's now in LA, getting all dolled up for the Oscars tomorrow. I know, I know, she's doing it for all of us! The best I could do was to write this article (in twitter-style journalism: 40-word paragraphs), about her amazing, well-deserved success:

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Marie said...

Go Granny! Good luck tonight :-)